Our Most Recent Podcasts

Jesus Christ Praying

Liturgy of the Hours

We here will strive to provide the Daily Liturgy of the Hours Prayer Service throughout the day.

Liturgical Service

Every day’s liturgical reading from the Mass gets its own prayer service for reflection and teaching with the Jewish daily Ahihad (Benedictions while standing).

Other Prayer Services and Live Podcast

We will also endeavor to provide other daily podcasts, like the Divine Mercy Stations on Fridays, A Scriptural Rosary, A Dtesh Live Podcasts, and more.

Daily Podcast Times

Office of Readings 4 am

Morning Office 6 am

Lectionary Prayer Service 8 am

Mid Morning Office 10 am

Mid-Day Office 12 pm

Mid Afternoon Office 2 pm

Divine Mercy Stations/Scriptural Rosary 4 pm

Evening Office 6 pm

Night Office 10 pm

Dtesh Live Podcast and All other Specialty Podcasts when announced

All Podcast programming subject to change

All time Central Standard Time USA