Answered Prayer

Does God answer prayer or is there the possibility that God will say “No?”

Most people say that they have prayed and given up on Christianity because they did not receive an answer to their prayers, But when we truly understand the reality of what Jesus taught about prayer the one thing that becomes obvious is that all prayer is meant to bring an answer. Ask, and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened. Everyone who asks, seeks, and knocks will receive, find, find an open door. 

The only reason it does not work, to borrow a phrase from Chesterton, is not that prayer “has not been tried and found wanting, but it has been found difficult and not tired.”

Author: Doug Sumowski

Doug Sumowski is passionate about sharing his faith with others and helping his brothers and sisters in the faith find their way to Christ. He grew up in the Catholic faith and after experiencing several personal struggles, left the Church and for a time became an itinerant evangelist and assistant pastor for a Protestant church. Eventually, finding his way home to the Catholic Church and received a BA in Religion from St. Leo University in March 2015, was a seminarian for the Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, from August 2015 until August 2017 and then finished up a Master's in Theology from St. Leo University in December 2017. His experiences in other denominations have strengthened his commitment to Catholicism and to Christ. Now with a clear path, he finds these past situations have given him a tool to help others who struggle with different aspects of Catholicism. By explaining the basics of the Catholic faith he desires to strengthen your faith and help you to learn what the Church has to offer. For everyone has their own path that they walk, but none of us ever has to walk alone. If you want to learn more read his books about the Catholic faith.