About the Dtesh Catholic Place

Welcome to the Dtesh Catholic Place.

Here, I hope to provide answers to questions about the Catholic faith that will help you understand the faith better and hopefully if you are a Catholic, help you practice your faith more deeply.

I am Doug Sumowski. I grew up in the Catholic faith and after experiencing several personal struggles, I left the Church and for a time became an itinerant evangelist and assistant pastor for a Protestant church.  Eventually, I found my way home to the Catholic Church and received a BA in Religion from St. Leo University in March 2015. This led to me being a seminarian for the Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, from August 2015 until August 2017.  Even though I did not end up in the priesthood, I did get a Master’s in Theology from St. Leo University in December 2017 which all helps me provide the information that you will find here.

I also think my experiences in other denominations helped strengthened my commitment to Catholicism and to Christ. Now with a clear path, I have found in these past situations a lot of tools that can help others who struggle with the different aspects of Catholicism. It is my hope that with this site I can explain the Catholic faith in a way that will strengthen your faith and help you learn what the Church has to offer you.

If you want to learn more about the faith, I hope you will purchase one of my books on Amazon, in addition to finding the articles here useful.

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