Branch on the Vine

We have a unique relationship with our loving Savior. A relationship that unites us with Him like a branch is united to a vine. When we truly understand this, the whole of Christianity takes a deeper meaning that has been promoted from the pulpits. A meaning that is founded in an ongoing relationship with our God.

Answered Prayer

Does God answer prayer or is there the possibility that God will say “No?”

Most people say that they have prayed and given up on Christianity because they did not receive an answer to their prayers, But when we truly understand the reality of what Jesus taught about prayer the one thing that becomes obvious is that all prayer is meant to bring an answer. Ask, and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened. Everyone who asks, seeks, and knocks will receive, find, find an open door. 

The only reason it does not work, to borrow a phrase from Chesterton, is not that prayer “has not been tried and found wanting, but it has been found difficult and not tired.”

Marriage and God

This Sunday’s readings give us a chance to consider the relationships that we have with each other and especially with God. In considering who marriage reflects our relationship with God we are drawn to see how each one of us is united with one another by the union we have individually with God in the gospel.

The Model Prayer

The Our Father is the model of how to pray. For many, it seems like a form rather than an actual prayer, but like the scriptures, it is both.

In giving us words we can pray, Jesus shows us how we can pray in our own words as well. Just like the scriptures can be repeated and meditated on, formal prayers can be as well.

Let us consider the words of the Our Father and see how it teaches us how to pray in our own words to God!

Fix Your Gaze

The key to holiness and a deeper experience of Christ is found in fixing your gaze on Him who is the Bread of Life.

If you will focus on Jesus and give yourself to His grace, He will work out the good fruit that He seeks for you to cooperate with Him in doing.

True victory over sin and temptation can be found in the love of an abiding Christ!

Alone With God

Alone with God. For many, these words sound very intimidating and even too high of a thing to ask any one of us to aspire to. Yet, this is exactly the level of intimacy that we are told by our Lord Jesus Christ that prayer must have.

Without question, it is not until we get to this place of being able to get along with God that we will find in him a true father that loves us so intimately that our prayers can truly be effective in bringing down blessing from heaven to earth. With this in mind, I present this lesson to help encourage you to find this private moment of intimacy and love with God that truly wants to bless you as a result of your prayers.

Lesson Two: True Worship

Have you ever wondered what it means to pray in spirit and in truth? Have you heard that God seeks this kind of worship? Do you feel as if your prayers are not what they should be?

Come and learn from Jesus what true worship is. Learn how to experience more from your prayers as a result of this key lesson about prayer.