Learning to Pray Book

A Powerful Guide to Prayer

Does the thought of praying ever seem like a chore and not an easy act of loving communication?

If you have ever wanted to better understand the power of prayer, you need this book.

In this short book, you will unlock the full potential of prayer with the help of one of the greatest devotions, the Rosary. In this beautiful sequence of prayers you will find more than a liturgical style of prayer. You will find a teacher that can open for you the full might and majesty of prayer which is contained in it’s prayers.

Each chapter directs you into more than just saying the Rosary prayers. In them you will begin to meditate on the mysteries of heaven and experience a new way that the power of God can be experienced in your life.

Inside this book you will learn:

The Mary Problem

Why you should Pray the Rosary

About the Rosary

How Does the Rosary Teach You to Pray

What we can learn from various Mysteries of the Rosary

And Much More

Inside you will find the keys to personal enlightenment and peace. This book is about more than just saying the Rosary. With its scriptural references and doctrinal insights, this book will show you the power of praying the Rosary and what hidden truths these sacred words contain.

If you are ready to receive the hidden truths and blessings of the Gospel as found in the Rosary, you need to take the time to read and study this book. Get Your Copy Now!


Being a Servant

What makes your great in God’s eyes?

It is to be of service to others.

God does not want you ruling over others and making everyone serve you. He wants you to realize that greatness is found in how much you help others. That is how he rules, as an intercessor, not as a tyrant.