Scandal and Division

The readings of this Sunday give us great pause over two issues. The first being, can people be true Christians without joining my Church? The second is something that at this time hits closer to home. What is the danger of scandal?

The first is easy to answer because the Church believes some might be hindered in believing the fullness of the gospel and could worship God in another denomination.

The second is harder and requires introspection. Because of the sex-abuse scandal and even things in our society that cause scandal, we may not see the greater need for holiness and cutting off of the hand, foot or poking out the eye. But, unchecked sin can be a cause for division and sin in others. And, this is the more important thing.

The 25th Sunday Readings and Reflections

When we go to Church this Sunday we hear about the dispute between the apostles about who is greater, when Jesus is trying to explain the gospel about his death and resurrection. As a result of this, we learn about the attitude of wickedness and how it puts Christ to death and our responsibility to serve one another.

Will you choose to be a servant or do you need to be great on your terms rather than God’s?

Christ the only Teacher

Lord, Teach me to Pray. This was the petition that was made by those who saw Jesus pray. It is something that we too need to be taught, and from Him.

Are you ready to learn more about prayer and enter a school of prayer that is taught by your Lord and Savior? In this first lesson, you will be encouraged to learn how to pray more effectively.

If you are wanting more from your prayer life, enter the gate of prayer and learn how to let the Great Intercessor pray through you!

A Catholic Understanding of Salvation

What do Catholics believe about the “Way of Salvation?”

Many people misunderstand this very simple basic about the Catholic faith. Here I take an attempt to explain it and provide a clear answer to the basic question about what it means to be “saved” or have a relationship and not a religion.

If you want to know more about this topic, get a copy of Basics of Faith today!